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euroved quality warranty

    Purity and effect of euroved’s Ayurvedic supplements still remain unsurpassed: We offer only high-quality products, which are under permanent supervision and control following the European quality criteria. A maximum of control mechanisms steadily guarantee euroved’s quality warranty:

    • All euroved products are manufactured with plants, herbs and fruits either cultivated on the untouched hillsides of the Himalaya or in other chemical unencumbered production areas in India.
    • The raw materials are directly tested on-site in an independent and officially certified Indian laboratory in Kolkata to attest its chemical pureness.
    • Traditional Arista and Asava methodical techniques are used for the manufacturing in India, followed by the above mentioned audit trails in Germany. Our tablets are manufactured by a certified organic subcontractor of euroved in Italy
    • Random tests of all Ayurvedic products are conducted on occasion and independently in Germany. The test results of a renowned independent laboratory are published on each product page in our web shop
    • Partly the products are even tested (on occasion) in two laboratories at the same time.
    • Numerous Bai products of euroved additionally own the “EU Organic Seal.”

    euroved does not use artificial colors in its products. Therefore our products easily meet the standards of the European Union food laws. Especially regarding heavy metal contamination euroved could pass all audits with excellent results.


    A study, which was conducted in cooperation with the Italian health authorities over three years, 222 products of diverse Ayurvedic manufacturers were tested for heavy metal contamination. Our products remained unsurpassed in matters of their puritiy level.

    Trust in our more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing, handling and distributing Ayurveda products in the EU. euroved unifies the old wisdom of India with the modern European accomplishments of today’s society.