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    Bio Hing Vastak

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    This Vata - Pitta spice blend is a very useful "companion" in case of increased Vata - Pitta and helps to bring the doshas back in balance.

    The Vata - Pitta typus is charactarised by its fast perception, intelligence and strength of purpose. In case of disbalance it indeed tends to develop insomnia,  concentration lacks, nervosity as well as general inquietude.

    This is a Vata - Pitta balancing, exotic spice blend. Seasoning and flavors of India in perfect harmony with its dosha balancing qualitities. For a healthy tasteful experience. Fits all vegetable- egg- and fruit dishes, soups and salads as well. Just simply dispose over the meal and enjoy!

    EU-Bio-SiegelThese Indian spices are labelled with the EU Bio signet (NL-BIO-01, non – EU – agriculture).
    Spice blend contains 75 gr.

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    Ingredients: Indian cumin, mustard seeds (black), turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, cilantro, black salt (Kala Namak), cane sugar.

    All ingredients are marked with the EU Bio signet (Bio Code: 73780, inspection authority: NL-BIO-01). They are originated from Non – EU – agriculture. The central pharma number (PZN) for the Bio-Vata-Pitta-Spice blend is: PZN 10418686.  

    By the way: Euroved’s Ayurveda shop offers spice blends for all kind of Ayurveda types. You can find the intruction in Dr. Harsha Gramminger’s cookbook.


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