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20th anniversary seminar with Dr Vasant Lad

Ayurveda product training in Cologne

DVD Dr Vasant Lad


    euroved's® edible products have unsurpassed cleanliness and functioning. Analytical tests run in Germany help varify euroved® product purity. Our manufacturing process is as follows:

    • Almost all plants, herbs and fruits originate from known locations near the Himalayas or other clean sources.
    • Starting materials are tested in Indian laboratories and Jadavpur University at Kolkata, department of metallurgical engineering.
    • Traditional Arista and Asava methodical techniques are used for manufacturing in India with checking by euroved® in Germany. The tablets are manufactured by euroved® in Italy.
    • Batches of completed products are randomly and independently tested in Germany.
    • On occasion euroved® double checks analytical results using separate independent laboratories.
    • euroved® does not use Benzoic Acid or artificial colors in their products. Our products easily pass the heavy-metal standards of the European Union food laws.


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    Ayurvedic Products with European Eco-Label